Among God's greatest gifts is the gift of life to children who will be brought into this world to receive love and kindness and nurturing. A loved and wanted child is a blessing to all.

Among the greatest tragedies on Earth is the unplanned, unwanted arrival of a little child who will be neglected, abused, unloved, and relegated to a life of living hell.

When God looks down upon the world He created and witnesses the painful life and death of throwaway children, He cries.

Abortion is a tragedy which also makes God sad and so it is up to us to prevent as many unwanted pregnancies as possible for EVERY UNWANTED PREGNANCY PREVENTED STOPS A PROBABLE ABORTION.

If we could eliminate the conception of all unwanted children we could eliminate abortion.

What can be done if we are going to be able to stem the tide of abortions and unwanted children?

Several steps to take in achieving that noble goal are as follows:

1. SEX EDUCATION: We must teach our children about how babies are made. Millions of children worldwide have sexual relations everyday w ithout the faintest knowledge that what they are doing could result in pregnancy. Playing ostrich and pretending that sex is a taboo subject is responsible for millions of tiny lives being either aborted or brought into the world where they will be neglected and worse.

2. FAMILY PLANNING: We must make sure that every woman and every man of child bearing age has access to family planning education which will meet the requirements of their individual spiritual values.

3. BIRTH CONTROL: We must make sure that every person has access to birth control devices and training in how to accomplish the goal of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

4. MORAL AND ETHICAL VALUES EDUCATION: We must make sure that every child is taught that abstinence is the only 100% effective method of birth control and that abstinence before marriage is a noble goal. We must also not be blind to the fact that we cannot rely on all children to adhere to this method and thus those who simply cannot or will not abstain have access to other methods of birth control. In addition children must be instilled with the philosophy that bearing a child is a very serious decision which commits the parents to a lifetime of loving and caring for that child.

5. STOP POLLUTION-CLEAN UP TOXIC WASTE: Thousands of abortions occur each year because mothers have been exposed to mutagenic substances. Greedy corporations create thousands of new toxic substances each year which they sell to an unsuspecting public, thus exposing millions of people to dangerous chemicals which cause cancer and birth defects. Fetuses which have been terribly deformed by their mother's exposure to toxics were not deformed by the will of God-they were deformed by unethical persons and the corporations run by unethical persons. These corporations must be forced to stop further pollution, clean up their toxic waste, and stop producing dangerous and unnecessary carcinogenic and mutagenic substances.

If all of the above fails to prevent an abortion by preventing the conception of a throwaway child, or a deformed or defective fetus what would be God's desire?

Of course God would hope that the parents of the unwanted child would wish to find a loving adoptive home for that child. That would be a win, win, win, win solution to preventing a probable abortion or the birth of an unwanted child.

The parents of the unwanted child would be happy, the adoptive parents would be happy, the child would be happy and that would make God happy!!!

What if all else fails? Would God ever want a fetus to be aborted?

That is a very difficult spiritual and ethical question to answer but I feel like God would prefer to have a tiny soul returned to His loving arms before it had ever experienced neglect, abuse, suffering and perhaps even a horrible death. I also feel like God would prefer to have a tiny soul that would be forced to enter the world with terrible physical or mental defects returned to Him so that the child would not be forced to endure unendurable pain and suffering and then be returned to God having never experienced a moment of happiness. In most cases these tragic defects were not caused by an act of God-they were caused by pollutants released into God's air and water by greedy and uncaring humans.

That difficult and painful decision must be left in the hands of the mother to be. She and God need to make that decision alone without the interference of others.

Hopefully those personal dilemmas will not have to be faced by those who have had access to painless and moral ways of preventing abortions by means of preventing unwanted pregnancies.


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