How many of you are aware that there is a 90%+ chance that ADAM WAS BLACK? 

Let’s look at a few facts. First of all scientists have found a great deal of fossil evidence that indicates that the first human was born in the tropics of Africa.

Keep in mind that the major reason that Black people are black and White people are white has to do with geography and survival value over the course of millennia.

The tropical sun can be very dangerous to humans and thus darker skinned people tended to survive more successfully than lighter skinned people in the area where humans first emerged on Planet Eden.

As Adam’s descendants migrated northward with the retreat of the glaciers, they needed more and more vitamin D to stay healthy and produce offspring. Therefore, the lighter skinned humans tended to have more children that carried the genetic traits for lighter skin, while those who carried the darker skin tones of their African ancestors tended to be less successful in their reproductive efforts.

Today, the tables have turned, and no matter where humans live, darker skin has greater survival value. Why? Because evil and greedy humans are destroying the protective ozone layer of our biosphere that prevents the sun from killing us, and lighter skinned people are more susceptible to the killer form of skin cancer, melanoma.

Therefore, White people are largely responsible for the impending death of what is popularly called the “White Race”, which is both tragic and ironic.

If light skinned humans hope that their descendants have a better chance of survival on a dying planet then it would be prudent to interbreed with darker skinned people.

Bigotry by White people will only tend to hasten the demise of their gene pool.

Always remember, that since Adam was Black, no matter what the color of your skin, Black Adam is your great X great grandfather and no matter what the shade of your skin happens to be, we are all God’s children and thus we are all brothers and sisters.


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