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Our Eagles desperately need your help if they are going to be able to survive the onslaught of unfettered population growth and fragmentation of the environment.

American Bald Eagles prefer to live adjacent to lakes and rivers where they can readily find the fish they need to sustain their lives. Lakefront property is in great demand by city dwellers and waterfront lots have been priced at up to $1,000,000. As lakefront forests fall to the bulldozer our Eagles have fewer and fewer places where they can live in peace.

Members of The Universal Ethician Church have donated nearly half a mile of prime waterfront on Lake Livingston to serve as an Eagle Sanctuary and place for all citizens to visit in order to admire God's Creation, but one half mile is far less space than the Eagles need if they are to be able to survive long term.

The nearby 716 acre Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral with its five miles of pristine waterfront is another place favored by Eagles, but the bank holding the nearly $900,000 mortgage refuses to release the property so that it too can be given perpetual protection. The Bank President is very anxious to acquire the Cathedral and is putting extreme pressure on our Church and its members. The Cathedral is considered the finest parcel of undeveloped lake front property within 100 miles of Houston and thus developers are obsessed with acquiring it, which would be a disaster for not only Eagles but for hundreds of other species as well.

Not long ago developers flew over from Dubai in an attempt to acquire the Cathedral grounds. Last month a California company purchased 800 lots adjacent to the Cathedral and just last week a contingent of developers from Canada flew down to study development opportunities. The Canadians were quite disturbed to learn that the Cathedral was not for sale at any price. Our threatened American Bald Eagles desperately need your help if they are going to be able to live in peace and thrive on the shores of Lake Livingston in E. Texas.

Please ADOPT AN EAGLE by helping to permanently protect its home from development. $35.00 will pay off the debt on one linear foot of shoreline that has a market value of $1,000 per foot. $70.00 will protect two feet and so on. Please help protect your adopted Eagle with as generous contribution as possible. Please send your tax-deductible contributions to ADOPT AN EAGLE MISSION of the UEC. Your Eagle and its descendents will be eternally grateful and you will be welcome to visit our Church Sanctuaries and our miles of nature trails in order to admire and enjoy the beauties of God's Holy Creation.

May God bless you and your family during this Holy Season,

George H. Russell
The Universal Ethician Church

The Universal Ethician Church is an ecumenical body with representative membership from all faiths and spiritual traditions including Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and many others. ADOPT AN EAGLE is a mission of The Universal Ethician Church, a 501(c)3 Church.

YES! I want to help ADOPT AN EAGLE, a mission of the UEC, preserve remnants of Eden for EAGLE SANCTUARIES. I am making a tax-deductible gift of:

_____ $25

_____ $100


_____ $50

_____ $250



For every $25 you contribute, you will receive your choice of one of the following video productions. Contributors of $100 or more will receive all five programs. Videos donated by Educational Video Network, Inc.

___America’s Endangered Species

___America’s Wetlands

___Understanding Biodiversity

___Understanding Ecosystems

___Saving Forest Ecosystems

Our EAGLE SANCTUARY desperately needs your financial support. Please make your check payable to ADOPT AN EAGLE, c/o UEC, 1401 19th Street, Huntsville, TX 77340.


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