What would the founders of our great nation think if they returned to this earth and saw what was happening to the America they loved?

Having experienced tyranny first hand, and as scholars, having studied despotic states, dictatorships, kingdoms, petty fiefdoms, and other repressive regimes, they struggled to develop a Constitution and Bill of Rights like no other in history, which they felt would make America ‘the land of the free’, and serve as a shining example for the rest of the world.

Our nation’s founders were further enthralled with the great God given beauty of America. They studied classical art and architecture and built public buildings which rivaled those of ancient Greece, Rome, and even Egypt in their beauty. Their homes were lovely examples of Greek revival architecture surrounded by tree-filled lawns, shaded avenues, and village greens.

If our founders returned today they would be shocked and saddened and wonder how and why was AMERICA BETRAYED?

They would feel personal betrayal as well, when they learned of secret government wiretaps, secret military tribunals, harassment and attacks upon religious communities, the unconstitutional jailing of journalists, attempts to take away citizen’s weapons against lawlessness and tyranny, the construction of super-max prisons, schools with no windows in which children are warehoused, and the despoliation of AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, and its conversion into a wasteland of sprawl, decay, pollution, and gridlock.

We must free America from tyranny and from the forces of greed which are destroying America’s soil, water, forests, prairies, wildlife, and even the very air we breathe. We have an obligation to the founders of this great nation to protect and defend THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and THE BILL OF RIGHTS for present and future generations. We have a further obligation to see to it that we can always sing AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL with pride.

America is being betrayed at this moment and the betrayers must stop and reflect on the negative impacts of their actions. Once our freedoms and natural resources have been destroyed by tyranny and greed they will be lost forever. Do not betray the trust our founders placed in us. Do not betray America!!!

This patriotic message has been brought to you by George H. Russell

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