Are you wondering what made me think of the phrase "American Babel"?

Well, I obtained an oil painting of the infamous Tower of Babel from the great folk artist, the Reverend Johnny Swearingen, who lived in our artist colony just a year before his death.

When I look at that painting I think of the chaos and confusion which seems to be a curse on our modern world. We no longer strive to unify the various cultures that make up the United States by teaching English FIRST to all and then helping all or our citizens respect and appreciate the linguistic and cultural diversity with which our country has been blessed.

We have stubbornly clung to an archaic measuring system that is out of sync with the rest of the world. We litigate at the drop of a hat over the most inconsequential matters.
We argue and fight over the tiniest phrases of scripture or religious differences. We discriminate against anyone who does not fit our criteria for what an American should be.

If we continue on our present course America will be cursed with a precipitous decline in our cultural identity and ability to maintain our quality of life.

We must join hands in a common cause of bringing truth and justice and love and peace and integrity to all aspects of American life, culture, government and religion or our great civilization will never reach its apex.

We must speak a common language in a common cause or we will be lost.

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