Throughout history there has only been a thin and fragile line between the many forms of slavery and freedom.

America has perhaps never before been in such danger as it finds itself in today. The danger coming from international terrorists is nothing compared to the danger from within.

Our personal freedoms as free and proud citizens are being taken from us by a powerful group of ultra-right-wing men and women who are feverishly working to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Their self-righteous tactics smell of the same decadence as we have witnessed throughout history amongst totalitarian dictatorships, despotic regimes, tyrannical police states, and other repressive forms of government, many of which use religion as a terroristic weapon against their citizens.

A dangerous American Gestapo is being constructed, which will soon be powerful enough to destroy our Republic from within.

Following are a few of their tactics:

1. Building more and more prisons including ‘super-max’ units which will be available to house any citizen who speaks out to preserve freedom in America.

2. Wire-tapping, using listening devices, hidden cameras and other high tech instruments to monitor every citizen’s speech, actions, and perhaps soon, even thoughts.

3. Placing our school children in windowless schools which resemble prisons in atmosphere and condemning them to spend much of their lives without access to fresh air or natural light.

4. Condemning all of our children as drug addicts and drug users and forcing them to endure humiliation and unconstitutional abuse to prove their innocence.

5. Spreading hate and bigotry through Bible thumping and twisting interpretations of Scripture in a way identical to that used by the Taliban to deny women and any person who disagrees with them their rights.

6. Using the specter of terrorism to destroy the basic human rights of all Americans.

7. Strip-searching and throwing women in jail for failing to wear a seat belt among other Gestapo-like tactics to imprison citizens for minor infractions.

8. Brain-washing our children by forcing them to watch corporate sponsored propaganda which denies the environmental desecration of America the Beautiful and turns them into consumers of junk food and other products of negative value.

9. Concentrating the wealth of America in the hands of an elite gang of corporate powerbrokers and religious zealots.

Yes, my friends and fellow citizens--BEWARE—for the AMERICAN GESTAPO is growing stronger with each passing day.

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