Like a huge festering sore urban sprawl is consuming ‘America the Beautiful’. Where once there were beautiful forests, streams, and fields, there are now only thousands of square miles of barren landscapes, concrete-lined ditches, and thousands of acres of ugly signs, metallic buildings, and other forms of visual pollution.

Like blood vessels feeding a tumor, this incredibly ugly sprawl is tied together with a huge and ever-growing network of roads and highways chocked with bumper to bumper pollution belching vehicles.

In the 1950’s one could travel from Huntsville, Texas to Houston through magnificent forests and flower festooned prairies on Highway 75, which at that time was only two lanes wide. One could travel from Huntsville to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in an arbor of Spanish moss draped trees. There were no stock laws in those days and free-range wild hogs and cows would sometimes hang out on the pavement. Vehicles were few and far between. Riding along, one could feel the beauty of God’s Creation and how lucky we were to be a part of ‘America the Beautiful’.

Today, instead of driving through miles and miles of forests and prairies with only an occasional roadside gas station or café, 10 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic greet the traveler. Stress, road rage, collisions, traffic noise, competing billboards, and vast ugliness must be overcome in order to arrive at one’s destination.

Our quality of life is being destroyed along with our environment and we've become automatons relegated to life in an ‘American Gridlock’ of stop lights, traffic jams, stop and go lurching along.

Greed and never ending growth have become the masters of our destinies. The super-rich who profit from our misery and servitude fly overhead in their private jets and helicopters. Their insulated world is not in gridlock and so they look down upon the traffic snarls and smile, thinking of their investments in oil, timber, chemicals, plastics, pesticides, and cattle ranches and how happy they are to see such a miserable multitude of wasteful consumers standing in long, slow moving lines, waiting to buy and discard, buy and waste, which is destroying what little is left of ‘America the Beautiful’ and God’s great gift of Creation.


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