You can help to save examples of our vanishing American natural heritage by contributing to the American Land Trust Fund.

This fund will be used to purchase threatened natural areas that will serve as refuges for the wonderful genetic legacy of Creation given to us by God.

What better way to show our love and patriotism for our beloved country as well as to give thanks to the Creator for the magnificent gifts he has bestowed upon us.

Each natural area will be dedicated to God and Country as Wilderness Cathedrals, where Americans can commune with both nature and the spirit of God and where our animal friends and their families may live in peace in the remnants of Eden which we will be able to save with your help.

We have recently contracted for the purchase of over 700 acres of magnificent wilderness on the shores of the Trinity River and Lake Livingston in East Texas. With its five miles of shoreline, oak and pine covered rocky hills, and rare native prairies, THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL is home to countless species of God's birds, butterflies, trees and wildflowers.

In order to save this precious land for future generations of Americans we must raise $2,000,000.00. If every American would donate just ten cents we could preserve and protect this wonderful example of God's gift to humankind forever.

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