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Americans wake up!!! Our freedoms as Americans are being eroded at an alarming rate. One of the biggest growth industries in America is the construction of more and more jails and prisons to incarcerate more and more of our citizens, often for such minor infractions as not wearing a seat belt or smoking the wrong kind of tobacco.

Once these prisons are built, the push is on to fill every bed at great expense to the taxpayer. Laws and more laws and more laws are written every day to make us subservient to our government.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all is the massive effort to destroy the Second Amendment to our Constitution. If our right as law abiding citizens to bear arms is taken away then the Police State will have no fear of destroying what little freedom we have left.

Our priorities have become distorted by extremists of many colors who would take away a woman's right to have control over her own body; the right to die a dignified death; the right to worship as we please; the right to access to natural light, clean air and pure water;
The right to quality health care and a decent education; and many other rights, to pursue our own destinies and our own happiness.

We must return to our roots of instilling patriotic, moral, and ethical values in our children and turn away from producing an artificial sub-class of Americans who are feeding the growth of more jails and prisons.


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