Did you grow up believing that angels just sit around on clouds for eternity playing harps?

Well, that's not all they do. Angels like to dance. Angels like to sing. Angels like to make people happy. Angels like to be the little voice that tells us to honor God and His will.

I believe that when God was working out His/Her great plan for setting in motion the amazing evolution of the Universe, He began to whistle a happy tune while His Angels danced.

And so, as the Universe unfolded over the course of eons, and all forms of life sprang forth on Planet Eden, the Angels sang and danced, for they knew God's plan and it made them happy.

And so, when it came to pass that the first humans walked upon the Earth, they were blessed with a natural love of music and dance-a wonderful gift from God.

So when you hear beautiful music and begin to sway with the rhythm, remember that God's Angels are dancing with you.

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