Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Sing His praises on high. Let God know that you are alive and that you are glad. Let His Angels detect your silence so that they may sing to you.

God’s Angels are everywhere in all Creation. They reside along with the spirit of God in all creatures, from the tiniest bird to the greatest whale. Even the Angel spirits in the trees whisper a beautiful song as the wind passes through their leaves.

Learn to listen to the Angels sing. They know an infinite array of songs and lullabies. Stop and be still and know that God and His Angels are with you.

Last night I opened my window and looked up into the heavens. I could feel the presence of God in the twinkling of the stars and the glow of the moon upon the waters. I waited for an Angel song and was not disappointed.

I heard the voice of Angels in the songs of a flock of geese flying toward their winter homes, in the croak of the Great Blue Heron as she patiently waited on the bank for a fish to swim by, and in the gentle murmuring of the waves as they lapped against the shore.

Within a few minutes the Angels had sung me to sleep with their calming voices. At midnight I was awakened by the voice of a lone coyote calling to her friends. Soon she was joined by a beautiful and haunting chorus. The Angels were letting me know through the voices of God’s wild creatures that Creation still lived at the Great Spirit Wilderness.

Then silence reigned, except for the ever-present murmuring of the waves, and soon I drifted off to sleep again with images of singing Angels dancing in my mind.


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