Animals have families and "family values" too. When God created each of His many species of children, He gave each one a unique way of caring for their families.

As God has tasked humans with the stewardship of Planet Eden, we have an obligation to protect animal families from harm and insure that they are allowed to raise their families and live out their lives as God intended.

God is extremely unhappy that humans have been abusing animal families in many ways. In order to live according to God's will we must stop the reign of terror against God's animal children and their families. For example:

1. Factory farms where animals are tortured and abused must be outlawed. Animals are not allowed to create family units. They are confined under inhumane conditions. They are then taken to slaughter without ever having experienced the quality of life God intended for them to have.

2. Fur factories where God's precious animals are kept in tiny cages until their fur is ready to be ripped from their bleeding bodies must be outlawed. God's minks, foxes, and other fur bearing creatures are never allowed to see the sky, to care for their babies in the comfort of a den in an old hollow log, nor are they allowed to run and experience the freedom which God intended.

3. God's magnificent whales, porpoises and other highly intelligent creatures are being forced into extinction by outlaw nation's continuing harassment and slaughter and by the mining of all sea creatures by greedy corporations. Even if the senseless killing were stopped, our wonderful sea mammal brothers and sisters would die a slow death of starvation due to the wholesale destruction of our ocean ecosystems. The killing of the seas and the animal families that inhabit the seas must be outlawed.

Christians especially, must ask themselves the following questions:

1. Would Jesus confine a tiny baby calf in a dark box, not even allowing the baby to stand up or be with its mother, and then slaughter it while its meat was still tender?

2. Would Jesus condemn a beautiful fox to a life of misery in a tiny cage until grown and then slaughter it and rip its skin off, so that a rich woman could impress her friends at church?

3. Would Jesus go out to sea in a huge factory ship and destroy His Father's coral reefs, and all species of sea life, in order to reap a huge profit at the expense of Earth's future?

Animals have families too. Just ask yourself if you would wish yourself and your family to be treated the way many humans are treating the families of so many species of God's children.

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