Without nature humans could not survive on planet Earth. We have a moral and ethical obligation to treat nature with respect and kindness. We must learn to tread lightly upon her and listen to her birds sing, her winds sigh through the branches of her trees, her wildness deliver its message through her wolves, coyotes, foxes and other wonderful creatures, and enter her presence to restore our souls.

We must learn to talk to her animals and give them assurance that we are their friends. As we hug a child to let it know that it is loved so should we hug a tree to show our respect for the oxygen and shade it provides us and for the homes it provides for birds and squirrels and so many other of God's creatures.

We must treat nature as our special gift from God; for to respect God we are obligated to respect nature. The Golden Rule was meant to apply equally to all Creation. To do otherwise constitutes the profoundest disrespect for the Maker of us all.

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