Trees are life itself. If there were no trees on planet Earth there would be no people. We must learn to be especially kind to that part of God's great gift of the life giving forests of which we have been tasked with protecting as God's stewards.

Those persons who kill trees and even destroy entire forests out of simple greed are destroying the future of humankind. We must confront them and pray that they learn to respect both God and his blessings upon us. If we care for their salvation and their souls then we must make them aware that even those who proclaim themselves to be Christian Believers are marked to be destroyed by Christ upon his return. (Revelation: 11:18)

The spirit of the Lord is in every living thing which was Created by God the Father. The beauty of trees reflects the beauty of God. To senselessly destroy a single tree, is an affront to God and thus a form of contemptuous blasphemy.

Be kind to God's trees and God will be kind to you.

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