Are you tired of being conned into the latest diet fad? Have you spent a fortune on supplements, exercise machines, and "how to" books, only to look in the mirror and see the same overweight person that you were last week, or last month, or last year?

Believe it or not, there is a plan which can work and will work if you have faith. YOU CAN BE THIN IN CHRIST!!!

Faith, spiritual and moral strength, and fortitude are the answer. Even though Jesus loves you whether you are thin or fat He is happiest when you are not only happy with your own self image but when you strenghten your health by not being overweight.

First of all remember that in the Garden of Eden God provided only the healthiest of foods, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Humans did not begin to consume huge quantities of animal flesh and animal fat until recent times. There were no fast food restaurants with huge amounts of greasy fries, fatty meats, sugary and fatty drinks and shakes.

To be "Thin in Christ" one must learn to think like Jesus would about certain modern foods and eat like Jesus would eat if He were here with you.

Jesus would avoid the following and thus so should you:

1. Any fatty meat product such as hamburgers and bar-b-que.

2. Any food product adulterated with artificial dyes, chemicals, too much salt or other unnatural additives.

3. Any food product which was produced from an animal which was raised under inhumane conditions, or any food product which was produced at the expense of the survival of Planet Eden.

By following the example of Jesus and also asking for Jesus' help in breaking bad eating habits you can be "Thin in Jesus".

Here are a few of the things that Jesus would hope that you would consume to keep your body pure and healthy and which would honor Jesus and God the Father by not plundering the planet or causing pain and suffering in any of His animal children:

1. Organically grown fruits and nuts of all kinds.

2. Free range chickens or the lean portions of God's animal children which have been loved and cared for by humans who give them normal quality lives and then dispatch them in a pain free and humane way.

3. Wholesome grains, cheeses, milk, juices and other natural products from the earth which have been produced without hormones, pesticides, or other artificial chemical elements.

If you will eat pure, simple foods as Jesus would eat if He were eating with your today you will begin to loose the unnatural fat which is disfiguring your body and shortening your natural life span.

Bad habits are hard to break and it may take intense prayer and spiritual direction from Jesus to turn from the foods which Satan would have you consume, but I feel certain that the spirit of Jesus will help you overcome and begin to "Be Thin in Christ".

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