We reap what we sow—and what a bitter harvest we have reaped!!!

Most Americans are wonderful, God-loving, kind, and generous.  There are, however, elements within our land which have sown the seeds of distrust, hatred, violence and revenge, around the globe.

We have armed and trained the Taliban.  We have armed and trained evil and cruel dictators.  We have sold the weapons of destruction to blood-thirsty regimes.  We have been responsible for warfare, death, and destruction around the world.  We have not lived by “The Golden Rule”, but rather by the unethical dogma of “He who has the gold rules”.

The net result is that thousands of innocent American citizens have been murdered by the very forces of evil which our tax dollars funded.

We must from this day forward only sow seeds of love, compassion, kindness, hope, charity, and understanding around the world so that future harvests will be bountiful and nourishing to the soul.


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