Why is it that the brightest minds which God blessed our planet with are for the most part engaged in evil pursuits? (Happily there are a few exceptions)

For example, the brightest minds on what little is left of God’s original Planet Eden are dedicating their lives to the following—none of which glorifies God.

1. Designing more sophisticated ways of killing people as employees in the ‘military industrial complex’ or the ‘war machine’.

2. Working for corporate agri-businesses to create even more horrible ways of mistreating God’s animal children to produce more and more meat for cheaper junk food with which to create an even more obese nation.

3. Figuring out more sophisticated methods of killing people in the name of the State as an act of revenge, whether or nor the victim of the penalty of death is guilty or not.

4. Gravitating to positions of power within our government in order to build personal empires of evil at the expense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

5. Promoting stocks and bonds in multi-national-mega-corporate empires, which operate on the principle of the ‘bottom line’ regardless of the negative consequences to humankind and the rest of Creation.

6. Destroying our educational system by promoting windowless prison-like environments for our children where they can be controlled with the use of drugs after having been hyped-up with caffeine and sugar.

How shocked God must be!!! And in this so-called Christian country, Jesus as well, when both Father and Son witness the horror of our nations’s brightest minds engaged in evil pursuits, instead of using those God-given talents to create a better world.


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