Of all of God’s beautiful children, butterflies are perhaps among those that give God the most pleasure.

I can just imagine God spending eons designing the myriad intricate patterns on the wings of butterflies. In my mind’s eye I can see the smile on His face as He builds the intricate computers into their micro-brains that allow them to find their way over thousands of miles of space that only their parents or grandparents have ever visited.

God is a great tease and must have had marvelous fun creating such a creature that even 21st century human scientists have never been able to unravel their mysteries and secrets.

Just yesterday, I watched as dozens of brightly hued butterflies flitted from flower to flower and performed intricate aerial ballets. I had my camera with me and just as I was about to snap the next photo the butterfly would spring from the flower and dart about so sprightly that it was impossible to focus. I could just imagine the twinkle in God’s eyes as He watched my frustration as I attempted to capture the beauty and miracle of Creation that was dancing before my eyes.

I was, however, able to capture a few images of God’s marvelous butterfly children for your viewing pleasure and so invite you on a tour of my BUTTERFLY GALLERY.


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