When people think of child abuse they usually think of those tragic situations which make front page news such as the sexual or physical assault of a child or child murder.

Child abuse occurs on a wholesale scale throughout America in many other guises which the average citizen is unaware of. Following are a few examples of silent forms of child abuse which seldom get media attention:

1. The emotional abuse of children by their parents, teachers and peers: This type of abuse comes in many forms such as sadistic teasing about weight or looks. Oftentimes parents abuse children emotionally by telling them that they are no good or that they do not love them. Terrible invisible scars, which are in some cases even more damaging than the scars of physical abuse are left on the psyche of the child.

2. Abuse of children’s health by the junk food industry: Childhood obesity, and many physical problems which a child will have to endure for a shortened life-span, can be traced to diets laden with saturated fats, salt, caffeine, chemical additives, pesticides, and a lack of a balanced diet. Children and their parents are constantly bombarded by propaganda from the junk-food industry, which uses the lure of free toys, funny mascots, and playgrounds to turn children into junk-food junkies. Even our public schools have been paid to promote junk food by the soft-drink, hamburger, pizza, salty snack and other industries.

3. Abuse of children’s health and welfare by the pharmaceutical industry: Children are wired on junk food filled with caffeine and chemical additives and then are confined in sterile jail-like windowless classrooms where they cannot concentrate. Then when their pent up energy gets out of control they are labeled as hyper-active and drugged down. Children’s abilities to fight disease is compromised due to the pushing of too many antibiotics at the slightest hint of a cold or sniffle. Billions of dollars are needlessly spent on drugs which are given to children for illegitimate reasons.

4. Abuse of children’s learning abilities and mental health by our educational system: Children are no longer allowed to have normal childhoods. They are locked up in prison-like sterile windowless schools where they are forced to endure buzzing fluorescent lighting, stale re-circulated air, and isolation from natural light and the real world. Learning disabilities, emotional problems, behavior problems, and other disorders can be traced to turning children into junior prisoners.

5. Abuse of children’s Constitutional rights as free Americans: Children are accused in advance of being drug addicts and are forced to prove their innocence by undergoing humiliating and inaccurate drug testing while their accusers continue their hypocritical abuse of prescription medications, alcohol, and the killer drug, nicotine.

6. Abuse of children’s future and quality of life: Our children’s futures as free citizens who will be able to enjoy a high quality of life are being truncated by the wholesale destruction of our natural environment. Our children are forced to breathe dangerously polluted air, drink impure water, and endure life where nature has been destroyed and they become victims of overpopulation, urban sprawl, and ugliness.

There are other forms of child abuse which manifest them in the forms of exposing children to mindless babble on television, violent video games, hate-filled musical lyrics, sound levels which destroy their hearing, and forcing them into adulthood long before they are ready.



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