There are so many wonderful Christian Traditions which have been either forgotten or ignored to the detriment of all peoples.

Christians have an obligation to Jesus to attempt to govern their lives as He would wish. In our daily activities we should always ask ourselves in our decision making process to attempt to determine what Jesus would do or say under like circumstances. Tragically far too many people who call themselves Christians pretend to be followers of Christian tradition yet in their daily lives do the exact opposite of what Jesus would do which makes them Anti-Christ or against Jesus by their actions. Some examples are as follows:

Man: "I support the death penalty. I know there may be some people who later turn out to be innocent who are executed but it is worth it to keep our streets safe."

JESUS: "Thou shalt not kill. Vengeance is my Father's. We must work with those who have wronged another and teach them the truth, the way and the light even if they must be separated from other of God's children until such time as they have truly repented and turned their lives around."

Man: "I just bought a hundred acres of woods. I'm going to have it clear-cut so I can buy a new sports car. I bet I can really get me some women with a new Corvette."

JESUS: "The Earth is my Father's. He Created all that lies therein. His forests are the sanctuary He Created for his birds and animals both great and small. His trees are the lungs of the Earth. I am blessed with being able to be the steward of my Father's forests. And the time is come that those who have destroyed the Earth shall be judged and those which have destroyed the Earth shall they also be destroyed." (see Revelation 11:18)

There are thousands of examples of wrongful acts committed by persons who claim to be Christians and who claim salvation. It is indeed a tragedy that their ministers have not let them know the errors of their ways for many souls will be lost.

Please feel free to submit other examples of Christians who are tragically not in accord with the traditions of forgiveness, kindness, stewardship, generosity, love and peacemaking as well as any of the other examples of Christ's great works while serving his Father on Earth.

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