How many of you know that humans have COMMON ANCESTORS with whales, birds, butterflies, and colorful tropical fishes?

Well, the very real and beautiful fact is, that God is so amazingly creative that He/She designed a universe that derives its life-forms in a God-breathed process of eternal evolution.

Humans emerged as wonderful sapient beings at the hand of God through the ever evolving process of Creation that first formed life on Planet Eden billions of years ago.

God is both the Father and the Mother of us all; and thus, all living creatures are our brothers and our sisters and are due the respect that God expects that we bestow upon our cousins.

We should greet our bird cousins with a thank-you for the beautiful songs that they sing for us. We should admire our cousins, the great whales, and offer them our protection from harm.

We should treat all of our cousins as would God's great missionary, Jesus, who treated all of God's animal children with the same love and concern with which he bestowed upon His human brothers and sisters.

We must stop killing our whale cousins. We must stop torturing our cousins who were born as cows, chickens, or pigs. We must stop the abuse of our dog and cat cousins and give them the respect which God wishes.

All of God's children have COMMON ANCESTORS and thus we must pledge that we will love and protect not only for them but also the God-created habitats that co-evolved with them for their well-being.


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