One of the greatest mysteries of all is the concept of eternity. This mystery defies all human scientific reasoning. “Eternity” is akin to “infinity”. 

For example, for people of faith, God is both eternal and infinite. The universe is both eternal and infinite, even though current scientific thought would state otherwise.

Scientists talk about the ‘big bang’ or the ‘origins of the universe’ but they are being naïve and simple minded.

The universe is without beginning and without end. My concept of the universe is of an infinite organic entity that expands and contracts in an eternal rhythm. The so-called ‘big bang’ was just one exhalation of the infinite breath of God.

We are in our infancy in our knowledge about both the universe and Planet Eden. There is no scientist or team of scientists on this planet at this time which can describe exactly what is happening on even a cubic meter below the surface of one of God’s great forests.

Yet, we act supremely arrogant in our interpretation of the great unfathomable mysteries that defy scientific explanation. Great minds of the future will expand the horizons of human knowledge but there will always be an unexplored frontier.

It strikes me as strange that as a little child my mind probes the depths of the mysteries of the meaning of God, the universe, infinity and eternity and my childhood theories expanded into a realm far beyond that which scientists, even today, recognize.

Tonight, if light and air pollution allow, go into the night and contemplate eternity. Allow the spirit of God and the universe to penetrate your soul and you will know that you are but a temporal yet eternal entity which evolved from the dust of stars and that the dust to which you will return, as well as the spirit which resides within as well as without, is eternal.


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