Deadwood Gallery offers beautiful images of driftwood, the stately snags that are the remnants of ancient trees, and wonderful fallen logs.

Images may be downloaded for publication for educational purposes to expose the public to the beauty and ecological importance of ‘deadwood’.

Credit must be given and tax-deductible donations to be used to preserve and protect God’s Creation may be made to THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH.


George H. Russell, an outspoken opponent of the death penalty, is a resident of Huntsville, Texas, known worldwide as “The City of Death.”

He is founder of The Patriot Network, and author of its 35+ web-sites located at, as well as founder of The Universal Ethician Church, an interfaith ministry with a worldwide following via the church’s 275+ web sites located at

Russell, 57, is an educational video producer, environmental activist, historic preservation specialist, photographer, art and antique collector, philanthropist, American patriot and ethician.

Additional biographical information may be found in "Who’s Who in America," through Internet searches, and in other publications. Images of Mr. Russell suitable for downloading for publication may be found at

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