There has never been, nor will there ever be, a Tsunami as terrible as the ECO-TSUNAMI that is destroying the very life support systems of the remnants of “Planet Eden” upon which all humans and all other living species depend for their very lives.

Yes, indeed the lives lost in the 2005 Tsunami, just as the lives lost in the Twin Trade Towers, are terrible; both disasters are nothing compared to the disasters created by corporate greed that is stripping the Earth of millions of species of God’s Holy Creation and threatening the long term survival of the human species.

In fact, the terror of the 2005 Tsunami was intensified by stripping coastal waters throughout Southeast Asia of protective Mangrove Forests, for tourism, shrimp and fish farms and other unnatural modifications of God’s Creation, which if left untrammeled would have protected millions of humans from disaster.

As you read this simple message, hundreds of millions of lives are already placed in jeopardy across the globe, causing those unfortunate humans to live in abject poverty due to multi-national corporations clearcutting the Tropical Rain Forests that serve as the lungs of the Earth, sucking the Earth dry of its finite hydrocarbon resources, and squandering the futures of the next generations of thousands of species.

Corporate greed is leading to the premature deaths of tens of millions of the Earth’s inhabitants. If even a million persons ultimately die due to the recent natural disaster, it will equal less than 1% of the number of humans who will face death due to malnutrition, warfare, overpopulation and other factors, that we could, through appropriate intervention remedy with little or no cost during the next decade.

Ultimately, billions of humans and millions of species will be in jeopardy due to human greed, stupidity, ignorance, and lack of compassion.

We are indeed a “Lemming People”, with political leaders emulating the Captain of the Titanic. They see the iceberg dead center but refuse to change course because “America” like the “Titanic” is invincible, in their pathetic arrogant minds.

George H. Russell
World Patriot

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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