Ecoethicians are citizens of Planet Eden who treat our living biosphere with respect.

In their work lives, home lives, and spiritual lives they consider the impact of their actions and the actions of others on the health and well being of all Creation.

Ecoethicians work to educate their families, their friends, their business associates and their political leaders about the critical importance of protective stewardship toward all of God's great handiwork.

For ethical reasons Ecoethicians refuse to participate in any unethical or destructive act committed against God's Earth such as:

1. They refuse to purchase products produced from what little remains of God's ancient forests and they rebuke the purveyors of such products.
2. They are either vegetarians or consume only protein from those of God's creatures which have been able to live normal lives and which are dispatched in a humane stress free and pain free manner and encourage others to do the same.
3. They do not contribute to urban sprawl by moving into natural areas and they work to halt the cancerous spread of human blight over what little remains of nature and natural beauty.
4. They refrain from using pesticides to the greatest extent possible and purchase pesticide free products whenever possible.
5. They consume as little fossil fuel as possible and encourage walking and bike riding by promoting protecting the earth above protecting the wasteful automobile and gasoline industries.
6. They promote native landscapes and native plants and bird sanctuaries and butterfly gardens over monoculture lawns.

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