In the beginning, before humans began to destroy the beauty of the earth, all of Planet Eden was a reflection of the aesthetic skills of God, The Creator.

Beauty was everywhere, from every angle from every corner of the earth, from the highest mountain top to the coral reefs of the furthest ocean.

God created aesthetics and instilled in humans an innate joy at beholding the beauty of Creation.

Tragically, human greed has created a landscape of ugliness and blight across the earth. Much of the aesthetic qualities of our world has been destroyed by greedy and rapacious humans plunder of God's ancient forests, flowered prairies, vibrant coral reefs, and craggy mountains.

Children who have been raised in an environment of blighted cities, clear- cut forests, urban sprawl, concrete jungles, monoculture farms, channelized rivers, and industrial pollution grow up not realizing or understanding the true nature of beauty and aesthetics.

Ethicians have an obligation to present and future generations to stand up against the forces of evil which are blighting, polluting, and corrupting the beauty of what remains of Planet Eden as it was created.

Ethicians must demand that all classrooms have windows which look upon natural beauty, that children be exposed to art and learn the value of aesthetic surroundings.

Ethicians have an obligation to work toward halting the destruction of earth's remaining beauty and an obligation to create beauty where now there is none.


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