Ethician Americans are essential to the long term survival of "America the Beautiful" and freedom from tyranny.

American Ethicians are true patriots who care deeply about the ethical values upon which our great country was founded.

American Ethicians support the following:

1. Freedom to express one's ethical religious and spiritual beliefs.

2. Freedom of speech and expression.

3. Freedom from violence.

4. Freedom from tyranny.

5. The right to bear arms for protection against tyranny and violence.

6. Freedom of the press.

7. Protecting and preserving our natural heritage and native genetic diversity.

8. Protecting and preserving our historic heritage.

9. Protecting and defending our democracy and republic.

10. Defending our children against exploitation, violence, hatred, discrimination, and isolation from the natural world in windowless schools.

11. Freedom to be able to strive to achieve one's full potential as an ethical citizen regardless of race, color, religion, or sexual orientation.

12. Right to enjoy clean air, wholesome food, pure water, and a healthy environment as originally provided by God.


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