Ethician farmers base their profession on the following ethical commitments to God and Country:

Farm animals, whether raised for work, pleasure, or food are treated with love, kindness and respect for their natural needs and desires.

  1. Animals raised for food are dispatched in a gentle and humane manner so that they experience no fear or pain.
  2. Precious top soil is protected from erosion, poisons, and mineral depletion.
  3. Water is not wasted or polluted and is not taken from the ground at an unsustainable rate.
  4. The native diversity of forests is preserved and protected and removal of trees is done on an individual basis using an all-age, all-species selection management system.
  5. Any remaining native prairies are preserved and protected in a natural state.
  6. Herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or other unnatural chemicals are used only when absolutely determined by science to not have any negative impact on native biodiversity or the health of the consumer.
  7. All natural areas are to be protected and no 'virgin' acreage is to be brought into cultivation in order to protect surviving native gene pools.
  8. Wherever possible, rehabilitation of pastures, soils, water sources, and forests will be a priority.


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