Ethician foresters make it a guiding part of their profession to honor God by preserving and protecting the magnificent tapestry of life which constitutes a natural forest ecosystem.

Ethical forestry is an art form requiring great sensitivity to all living elements. The Ethician forester is committed to the following:

All-age, all-species selection management.

  1. Meeting the habitat requirements of all native species of wildlife through natural means.
  2. Respecting the natural fire regime.
  3. Forgoing the use of herbicides, and other biocides which degrade the relative abundance of native life forms.
  4. Working to provide jobs for local inhabitants by helping to establish value-added industries using native forest products on a sustainable basis.
  5. Working to build the local economies by encouraging low impact recreational and educational opportunities on forest lands under his or her management.

Ethician foresters work within their profession to halt destructive forest practices such as:

Clear-cutting and other types of unnatural even-age management.

  1. Species conversion and monoculture plantation cellulose production.
  2. Prescribed burning outside scientifically proven natural fire regimes.
  3. Management of game species to the detriment of non-game species.
  4. Urban sprawl which fragments native forests.
  5. Any other activity which destroys native forests and converts them to any other use such as farming or cattle grazing.

If all foresters practiced ethical forestry which would be pleasing to the eyes of God ,the Creator of Planet Eden's wonderful forest legacy, the trees of the earth and the birds of the forests would sing for joy.


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