Hunting is a tradition as old as human life on Planet Eden. Ethician hunters show their respect for God the Creator of all species both great and small by giving thanks to God for any life taken in hunting and conducting themselves in an ethical manner.

Ethician Hunters....

  1. take only those of God's creatures which they, their families, friends, or the poor will consume.
  2. ensure that healthy populations are left to procreate and thus insure the survival of the hunted species.
  3. protect the genetically superior animals until they are no longer of breeding age.
  4. make sure that each kill is clean and as pain free as possible.
  5. make sure that the relative abundance of all native species, including predators and non-game species is maintained.
  6. protect the habitat in its natural form as provided to us by God.
Ethician hunters do not...
  1. use leg-hold traps or other devices which may cause pain and suffering to any of God's creatures.
  2. "plink varmints" or kill just to watch an animal die.
  3. use dogs to harass, chase, maim or kill any animal in an inhumane way.
  4. kill or harass any rare, threatened, or endangered species.
  5. trespass or hunt out-of-season.
  6. take unfair advantage of any animal by making pets of them and then killing them, using airplanes, atv's, electronic calls or any modern technology which destroys the ethics of the hunt.
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