In the year of our Lord, 1945, the year that humans first tasted the fruit of the awful destructive power of nuclear war, a child was born.

From an early age, this child had a special relationship with God and the special child of God, Jesus.

Through them he was forewarned of the impending destruction of Planet Eden because of human greed and lack of respect for God and the special blessings He has bestowed upon us.

In the year of our Lord, 2000, God called upon this child to establish a worldwide interfaith-ecumenical church to turn all peoples of the Earth toward an awareness of the fact that humans are on a collision course with disaster and the result will be the collective suicide of the human species and wholesale gene-o-cide of the incredibly rich biodiversity of Creation.

Thus the UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH was founded to bring all of the Earth's peoples together in a common bond of establishing world peace and world salvation through worshipping God by protecting and defending Creation from further mindless plunder.

The founder and Prelate of the Universal Ethician Church, ETHICIUS I, has been instructed by God to forewarn of the following events which will befall Planet Eden should humans continue their greedy and evil ways and not repent and turn from worshipping lucre produced from the blood of the Earth and its inhabitants:

1. "The fabric of the intricate tapestry of life which I have provided for the perpetual benefit of all generations will begin to unravel and become threadbare, leaving a desolate world devoid of color and life."

2. "Wars, strife and pestilence will spread like a toxic cloud from nation to nation and the cries of starving children shall be heard across the earth."

3. "The bounty of precious oils will be depleted from the Earth and the great ships of the oceans shall drift like floating corks, hospitals shall be without power and thousands will die, the old and young alike shall expire from unabated heat in summer and cold in winter and the Earth shall be plunged into darkness."

4. "The fertile soils of Planet Eden shall wash into the muddy and poisoned rivers and seas and the bounty of the land shall be depleted causing the rich to hoard and the poor to starve until the starving masses rise up to take all that the rich have hidden."

5. "Brother shall steal from brother, fathers will consume their children, zoos shall become restaurants for the rich until the last animal is consumed, my forests, my plains, and my mountaintops shall be devoid of life for every creature shall consume the others until there are none."

6. "The very air which I have given you to breathe and the pure waters which I have provided you to drink shall become as poisons and millions shall die horrible and lingering deaths."

7. "The nations of the Earth shall strike out against each other in order to plunder the remaining resources of their foes with greater and greater intensity until the fires of nuclear holocaust shall become the weapon of choice, thus bringing destruction to all the Earth."

There are many more prophecies and many more revelations which have been given to ETHICIUS by GOD which shall be revealed as GOD so instructs.

Should you wish to ask Ethicius to shed light on any matter please visit WWW.ASKETHICIUS.ORG.


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