Mindless, bottom-line driven corporations are on a FEEDING FRENZY that has become the death knell for Planet Eden.

Spineless, amoral, greed and power obsessed men and women who serve on these corporate boards righteously attend “worship” services at their churches, mosques, and synagogues pretending to love God and displaying their diamonds, gold, and designer fashions to their fellow hypocrites.

They give generously to causes that give them social status and kudos in the society columns, but almost never to the protection and preservation of the very biosphere that is the life-support system for all life on earth.

These corporate whores feed on self-importance, hubris, ego, status, wealth, and self-indulgence. They will pose at the local zoo with a furry animal baby while the corporation they control is frantically destroying the last natural habitat of a million furry animal babies.

The corporate FEEDING FRENZY is sucking God’s planet dry, mining and plundering God’s oceans, clear-cutting God’s forests, and despoiling what little is left of Creation as created by God.

Repent now you spineless, ego-driven fools, for “those who destroy the earth shall also be destroyed”. (Revelation11:18)


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