When people think about food stamp fraud they usually think about ineligible people who lie or cheat to receive food stamps or trade food stamps for alcohol or drugs.

The real evil of FOOD STAMP FRAUD is entirely different from commonly held beliefs. The real fraud is the program itself that lines the pockets of the processed and packaged junk food industry to the detriment of the children that are supposed to be helped by the program.

Many times I have seen shopping carts loaded with high priced garbage being purchased with food stamps. I have seen the obese and unhealthy looking children whose mom’s are pushing the groaning carts through the check-out line.

How many children are helped by the huge expense of the packaging that adds to our trash stream? The answer is none. The real recipients of our tax dollars are the package makers who are destroying our forests, sucking our planet dry to manufacture plastics, and creating mountains of trash.

How many children profit from better health by consuming thousands of tons of junk food? The answer is none. The real recipients of our tax dollars are the huge corporations that stuff our nation’s children with salt, sugar, chemical additives, fat, artificial color and flavorings, and other garbage that is creating a generation of increasingly obese and unhealthy children.

The food stamp program is nothing more than corporate socialism that takes money from the tax payers to line the pockets of the junk food industry at the expense of the health of the children that actually need good wholesome nutritious food.

Our Federal Government spends billions of dollars each year to reward corporate farmers who grow far more food than necessary. In the past, these mostly nutritious commodities such as milk, peanut butter, flour, butter, beans, and other simple basic unadulterated foods were made available to needy citizens at almost no additional cost to the tax payers.

Today our Federal Government spends an additional $20,000,000,000.00 (20 billion dollars) per year to damage the health of poor children and line the pockets of the purveyors of food adulterated with life shortening garbage that is promoted as food.

Yes, indeed. Food Stamp Fraud in the form of costly and destructive corporate socialism is lining the pockets of the unethical pushers of unwholesome junk food to the detriment of both the American tax payer and the truly needy.

America beware!!! How long can we survive as a strong nation if we continue this unethical and unhealthy program of FOOD STAMP FRAUD?

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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October 18, 2004

Victoria in NC sent us the following email:


I came across your website after doing a web search on the food stamp program. I just returned from a grocery store in NC, where I noticed a sign over the organic dairy case, notifying customers that organic food was not allowed under the WIC program. I've been deeply frustrated with the food stamp and WIC programs for some time.

I recently completed a year-long stint as a fulltime, live-in volunteer at a woman's shelter in upstate New York. The majority of clients were drug-addicted women, who were coming out of prison or jail. They stayed at the shelter while they were waiting for their welfare cases to be activated.  We also served as a drop-in center and food pantry, and served lunch 5 days a week.  All of the women immediately qualified for food stamps, upon admission to an emergency shelter. The shelter was located in a very poor area of town (if you didn't count the income from the numerous crack dealers), that only had one major grocery story. I shopped there 2 - 3 times per week, and only twice did I stand behind someone in line, who was paying with cash. The cashiers were so unfamilar with cash transactions, that invariably I'd slow the line down when I pulled my wallet out.  I had a lot of opportunity to evaluate people's purchasing habits, both at the store, and in the shelter.  

With the exception of older hispanic women, who usually bought a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats, most customers bought junk and processed food, exclusively. Usually they purchased name brand products, with lots of wasteful packaging. The store kept several large displays up front, of chips in expensive, individual serving packages.
Almost without exception, every mother would direct their child over to pick out an armful of these packages. It used to just blow my mind, that they were wasting so much of their food allocation on empty calories.  

Over time I came to see a relationship between junk food consumption (especially processed sugar) and drug and alcohol addiction. The majority of women suffered from a host of additional conditions: hepatitis C was rampant among crack and herion users, and probably 50% of residents or visitors to the drop-in center, suffered from diabetes. Interestingly, this high rate of diabetes was not limited to black women, but was equally high among white female addicts. These women lived on processed flour and sugar products, even as they measured their glucose levels, and suffered through the tribulations of interferon therapy for hepatitis C. They didn't take vitamins or supplements (not covered under the food stamp program), and the only vegetables that crept into their diets, was accidental. I don't know if their doctors just had given up trying to get them to change their dietary habits, or if the issue ever came up at all.  What was clear, was how much we are spending to keep people sick. 

In addition to the subsidy we provide manufacturers of processed foods, there is the enormous amount we spend through Medicare. All of these women took copious amounts of subsidized drugs, for their various illnesses -- many of which could have been reversed through good diet, exercise, and supplements. 

I have to admit, that at times I wonder if this isn't all part of some conspiracy to maintain a permanent underclass, that will never be physically, mentally or emotionally able to take ownership of their own lives.

There is a point to this rant: are you aware of any organizations that are lobbying for changes to the food stamp program, at the state or local level? I think this is an area I would like to become involved with?

Thank you.