When God created humans, He never anticipated that so many would behave as if they were "Fools From Hell".

How disappointed God must be when He looks down from His heavenly home and watches as far too many of His human children-

--plunder His oceans.

--chop down, burn, and destroy His ancient forests.

--mistreat millions of His cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals in horrible factory farms.

--abuse, rape, murder, wage war against, and otherwise exploit each other.

--pollute His air, poison His pure waters, and defile Creation on a wholesale basis.

--base the value of their lives on how over-inflated they can make their own egos, how much money they can amass regardless of the source, the cost of their automobile, the label on the clothes they wear or the size of their jewels.

Could it be that there is a "Satanic Virus" which infects weak-willed, amoral, and unethical humans with an insatiable desire to worship money instead of God and turns them into FOOLS FROM HELL?


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