Humans were created with a free spirit and a free will. We are free to choose to leave a legacy of good or a legacy of evil. Our spirits are naturally filled with the goodness of God and thus we were made for loving and laughing and singing and rejoicing. There is no such thing as "original sin". We are not cursed by Eve having eaten the forbidden fruit. Eve was punished for disobeying God but God is pure love and that sin was not passed down to future generations. Each person has the free will to choose good over evil and we will be judged by our personal decisions.

Those of God's children who choose the path of good should not be made to feel guilty for being "free spirits" who live by the golden rule and who's positive actions speak far louder than the public prayers and scriptural pronouncements of those who wish to extinguish the God given spirit of humanity with which we were born.

Free your spirit to love, sing, dance, smile, hug a friend, comfort the sick and lonely and bring peace and joy to the world. Our free spirits give perpetual thanks to God for the beauties and wonders of Creation. We sing with His birds, we hug His trees, we teach His children, and we smile when we witness the twinkling of His stars and bask in the light of His sun.

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