TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE is a rogue and out-of-control taxpayer supported State Agency.

Instead of protecting wildlife from poachers, rampant developers and polluters, TPWD oftentimes aids and abets the destruction of wildlife and wildlife habitat.


1. At HUNTSVILLE STATE PARK, TPWD in alliance with another rogue Agency, the Texas Department of Transportation is obsessed with destroying hundreds of the most beautiful and ancient trees that line the roadways in order to make the park friendly to behemoth energy destroying motor homes. Turning our beautiful State Parks into concreted over KAO type campgrounds is totally irresponsible.

2. OPERATION GAME THIEF is basically a money making operation, more concerned with hawking wares than in protecting wildlife. Game Wardens, instead of protecting our wildlife from poachers spend time as sales persons selling caps and T-shirts. I have called Operation Game Thief more than once and have received ZERO indication that anything would be done to stop wholesale Alligator poaching on Lake Livingston, harassment and killing of Pelicans on Lake Livingston or that there was any concern about poaching any animal except White Tailed Deer. In fact, instead of protecting our Alligators, Game Wardens slaughtered one of the huge docile creatures because it was resting on the Golf Course at Waterwood.

3. RED WOLVES and COUGARS are hunted mercilessly and indiscriminately in Texas. TPWD officials refuse to even consider offering any protection for these wonderful and essential components of our native ecosystems. Even mother Cougars and their babies are ruthlessly slaughtered at will.

4. WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER of wildlife on our huge and overly wide State Highways is not challenged by TPWD which should be demanding that Texas Department of Transportation halt the unnecessary fragmentation of native ecosystems with wider and wider highways when they aren’t necessary. Furthermore TPWD should demand that TxDot provide wildlife with passages beneath the pavement so that animals can cross in safety. See www.road-kill.org See also www.highwaytohell.org

5. BIG POWER and THE PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION are obsessed with destroying as much of the beauty and ecology of Texas as possible. Instead of playing an active role in attempting to halt this rogue Agency and its industrial ally, TPWD sits idly by as the last vestiges of our natural heritage are bulldozed.

ROGUE GAME WARDENS are allowed free reign to harass, threaten, assault, and arrest citizens for exercising their Constitutional Rights. Rather than taking action to rid the Agency of Rogue Game Wardens and their Supervisors, or even discipline them, TPWD Director, Robert Cook defends the practice.


I had protested the practice of dragging live animals behind Game Warden trucks and then killing them after they had been tortured, as in the case of the huge beautiful alligator that met its doom that horrible way and fortunately received media attention.

I had called Operation Game Thief about the wholesale slaughter of Alligators on Lake Livingston and had received ZERO concern.

In September 2003, I saw two of our E. Texas Game Wardens sitting on stools trying to sell T-shirts and caps at the Walker County Fair Grounds and pretending to be concerned about poaching.

When I expressed my views to them they turned red-faced and obnoxious in a threatening way. I told them, “I’m outta here”, turned around and started walking away.

After a few steps I was assaulted from behind and force marched outside the building where I was handcuffed and later thrown into jail.

For over two years I was harassed by the local District Attorney due to the refusal of Robert Cook to take appropriate disciplinary action against the rogue Game Wardens and their Supervisor and drop the fabricated charges against me.

After the two year ordeal, the D.A. dropped the fraudulent charges against me apparently due to the fact that I had two Constables, a Police Detective, and a Waterwood Security Policeman as my witnesses and the rogue Game Wardens had ZERO proof of the false charges they filed against me.


The citizens of Texas should demand that TPWD Director Robert Cook REPENT and REFORM not only himself but also his out-of-control Agency or RESIGN.

If he fails to REPENT and REFORM his own behavior and his Agency then we should ask that the Board of TPDW replace him with someone willing to perform the fiduciary duty of the Agency to protect not only our natural heritage in Texas but law abiding Texas citizens from abuse.

George H. Russell

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