The future of all of Planet Eden’s children, as well as the future of the children of future generations is being stolen by unethical and greedy humans of this generation.

What are some examples of ‘future theft’?

1. Squandering millions upon millions of gallons of gasoline daily on unnecessary trips to nowhere in particular: This is the gasoline which will not be there when your great-great grandchild may need to be taken to the hospital.

2. Timber companies plundering God’s bountiful rainforests and causing the extinction of millions of species which have never even been studied by scientists: Many of the rare plants being destroyed were given to us by God to cure terrible diseases such as cancer. When your great-great grandchild is dying of cancer the cure will have been destroyed by evil and greed.

3. Polluting the very air we breath to the point of no return: Millions of children will die from skin cancer, asthma, flooding and other terrible human-caused environmental calamities caused by the senseless and unnecessary destruction of the very air God gave his children to breathe for all generations.

These are just a few of the thousands of examples of how our current generation of money worshipers, plunderers, and power and greed crazed humans are stealing a healthy and happy future from future generations.

The Universal Ethician Church is dedicated to God, and the protection and preservation of Creation for the benefit of future generations. Ethicians rebuke those who are engaged in FUTURE THEFT and work to create a better world for all of God’s human and animal children.


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