GENE-O-CIDE is the systematic despoliation of native gene pools causing the ultimate extinction of countless species-the very species which God commanded that Noah save for all generations.

ETHICIUS I coined the term in 1968 while witnessing the destruction of God’s verdant rain forests by the forces of greed and those who’s god is money. Not only has the evil continued but is increasing even as you read this message.

Just as genocide is the mass killer of ethnic and religious groups, gene-o-cide is a mass killer of God’s Creation. Both are satanic inspired forces of evil which mocks God and blasphemes His spirit as reflected in all creatures of His Creation, however great and however small.

All life forms on Planet Eden are the children of God and as such are breathed with the Spirit of God.

Gene-o-cide as well as genocide must be halted immediately or we, as well as, all future generations will be doomed to a pathetic and miserable existence.

Only if preachers, pastors, clergy, priests, rabbis, and other spiritual leaders condemn gene-o-cide as well as genocide, and rebuke publicly those who are committing the atrocities against God and against Creation, will we humans have a decent future on this planet.


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