Although the separation of Church and State is essential to both religious and personal freedoms in America, the concept of GOD AND COUNTRY working in unison is also very important if America is to survive long-term as an nation of ethics.

Tragically however, many of those Americans who call themselves “God-fearing”, “Saved”, “Christian”, and “Patriotic” are in fact either sadly deluded and in some form of denial about their spiritual ethics and patriotism, or they are downright hypocritical liars.

The real American meaning of GOD AND COUNTRY should be: “A nation of patriotic citizens who dedicate themselves to protecting and defending ‘America the Beautiful’ and our basic human freedoms from tyranny and oppression, as well as showing our love and respect for God by protecting and defending all Creation.”

Americans who are truly worthy of standing proudly before our flag with their right hand over their heart, and who truly care to please God by living by the ‘Golden Rule’, should also possess the ethics, integrity and courage to stand in unison against war-mongering, destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the exploitation and destruction of the natural assets and beauty of America and the remnants of Planet Eden.

They must abandon the bi-polarity in their lives that causes them to sing praises to the Lord on their Holy Days and then abandon all morals, ethics, and love of God during their working lives where they excuse and justify their actions with the phrase “That’s Business”.

For both God and America to survive the long-haul, every action, whether on-the-job or in the church, temple, or mosque must be based upon identical sets of ethical principles. Laissez-faire, amoral capitalism must be replaced with ETHICAL CAPITALISM. Only then does America and the rest of the planet have a chance to survive until the next millennium.

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