To torture an innocent animal for the pleasure of a bloodthirsty mob is an affront to God.

All Creatures, great and small, human and animal are God's children. The abuse of any of our human brothers and sisters as well as the abuse of any of our animal brothers and sisters is a sin.

We have an obligation to ourselves and our own personal integrity to call for a stop to bullfights, cockfights, dogfights, certain rodeo activities or any other sport where an unfortunate animal victim suffers in order to provide sadistic pleasure to callous persons.

God cares for all His/Her children, whether that child is a human being, a puppy, a kitten, a great whale or even a cobra.

All of God's children can feel pain and fear or pleasure and happiness. It is our sacred duty to bring pleasure and happiness to all the Earth and the creatures therein.

When God sees one of his beautiful bulls being tortured and abused, God cries, for God the parent, suffers along with His/Her child just as a human parent would suffer to see their child tortured and put to the sword in a cruel and bloody sport.

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