Yes. God loves snakes, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, and all of His other reptile children. God’s snakes serve a vital role in the health of Planet Eden and each of the many species was given a specific job by God.

It is our obligation and duty to God to protect His snake children from harm. Noah made sure that each specie of snake was cared for during The Great Flood, as commanded by God. As descendents of Noah we must continue to honor God by our stewardship of all Creation.

There are far too many ignorant humans that show their bigotry, prejudice, and hatred toward our beautiful snake cousins by killing them on sight. Killing a snake unless one’s life is in immediate danger is an affront to God and thus a form of blasphemy.

Nearly all of God’s snakes bite humans only out of fear and for their own protection when confronted by danger. Ethicians utilize the Golden Rule of The New Millennium in their relationship with snakes and treat snakes with the respect and understanding that they deserve.

God will honor those who honor His snake children with their love, concern, and affection.


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