It is indeed a dangerous form of schizophrenia when the GOD OF LOVE suddenly becomes the GOD OF HATE.

In the wake of hate crimes, terrorism, murder or other acts of violence committed by evil persons upon the innocent, victims, their families, friends, and compatriots oftentimes wish to seek bloody revenge upon both the perpetrators and upon their country, kin, race, or religion.

Persons who under normal circumstances speak of God as the God of Love, search scripture for examples of a vengeful and hateful god in order to justify their intense feelings which call for violent acts to be carried out against the enemy or perceived enemy.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and persons of other faiths must remember always that the one and only God of the Universe is incapable of hate, for truly GOD IS LOVE.

Hate comes from the ethical flaws in the human heart and human spirit after infection by the “Satan Virus”.


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