Just a few generations ago, God's bank account was full to overflowing. All of His children, both human and animal could flourish by consuming only the interest.

Tragically, greedy humans have recently begun to plunder God's bank account and instead of taking only the interest they are consuming the principle at a rate which will cause the bankruptcy of Planet Eden if not halted immediately.

God's bank account is divided into several funds, some of which are already almost depleted:
OTHER FUNDS: Other funds in God's depleted bank account which greedy individuals, governments, and corporations are robbing at an alarming rate include, THE BIOSPHERE FUND, THE ANCIENT FOREST FUND, THE GENETIC DIVERSITY FUND, THE CLEAN WATER FUND, THE WHOLESOME FOODS FUND, THE WILDLIFE HABITAT FUND and many more.

We must stop robbing God's bank account of its tremendous wealth immediately if we are going to survive as a species. That fund was meant to last for all generations without any depletion of the principle. It was not placed here by God so that a few greedy individuals can drive fancy cars, wear gold and diamond watches, and ride around in private jets at the expense of future generations.

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