“GOD’S GREENHOUSE?” “What are you talking about?” “God doesn’t have a greenhouse, the whole world is His!”

That is exactly the point. God’s greenhouse is the entirety of Planet Eden. He has filled it with the most wonderful array of amazingly beautiful plants and flowers. He built it to last throughout all generations for the greater part of eternity. What other greenhouse has ever provided for the cultivation of billions of plants representing millions of species?

Tragically, humans are vandalizing God’s greenhouse. We have entered therein have figuratively broken the windows that protect God’s flowers from solar radiation.

We have poisoned and polluted the water that God used to quench the thirst of His trees.

We have caused the erosion of God’s soil that nourished His prairie grasses, his ancient forests, and His vegetable gardens.

We have vandalized thousands of His most wonderful botanical specimens and caused their extinctions.

GOD’S GREENHOUSE is sacred and we have been appointed by God as the keepers of His greenhouse and the plants that He created therein.

Destroying God’s flowers and other wonderful plants constitutes a blasphemous act worthy of condemnation to eternal hell.

Pretending to love Jesus or proclaiming oneself to be a ‘believer’ does not guarantee ‘Salvation’. God is not stupid! He can see through the hypocrisy of anyone who thumps on Bibles and at the same time is vandalizing His greenhouse and destroying His marvelous garden of Creation.


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