While it is true that God created man in His image, God also created woman in Her image.

In fact the image of God is in all Creation. When we look at another kind and gentle human we see God’s reflection. By the same token when we marvel at the beauty of a Monarch butterfly we see the image of God. God’s reflection is found in every living thing and in all of the God-created beauty of nature.

As the sun rises over the waters at The Great Spirit Wilderness, the reflection of God’s great gift of our life-giving sun sparkles on the tips of the wavelets. I see God’s reflection in the ever-changing clouds as they drift lazily by. I see God’s reflection in the eye of the eagle as she surveys her domain from on high. 

When God created the universe His spirit filled every atom of every speck of stardust from which He fashioned the heavens and the earth, just as an artist’s soul becomes a part of her painting with each stroke of the brush.

The image of God is in the stars and in the mountains and in the trees and in everything beautiful, for God is beautiful.

God’s reflection is warped and despoiled when we destroy the beauty of Creation. The image of God is not reflected in acres of asphalt, hideous gridlocked sprawl, or ugly metallic churches. When we shatter the fragile web of life and the beauty of nature which serves as the mirror of God in which we can admire His reflection, we lose a part of the spirit of God which inhabits our souls.

Once our souls have become spiritually bankrupt from having played a role in the destruction of Creation, we can no longer see God’s reflection in nature for our god has become the god of greed, of self-indulgence, and man-made materialism.

We feel as if God has abandoned us, but in reality it is we who have abandoned God. Eternity without the spirit of God in our souls is eternal death, but we have only ourselves to blame for our spiritual bankruptcy. We have the ‘freedom to choose’.

Keep God’s reflection vibrant and beautiful by showing your respect for the eternal blessings God has bestowed upon you through His great works so that when you look into the mirror you will truly see that you too were created in the image of God and you will see His reflection in your eyes and feel His spirit in your heart.


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