Intelligent design, Creationism and Evolution

The argument about Evolution and Creationism (sometimes called intelligent design) is pointless. It seems impossible in the year 2005 that educated human beings do not realize that God is not a circus sideshow magician that pulled a man out of a hat when the world and Man came into existence.

God used the process of Intelligent Design, Creationism, Evolution and Involvement similar to the magician that practices a long time to cause the illusion of an empty hat containing a rabbit. God did not wave a magic wand and say bingo here is man, the earth and all therein. He used the same process as humans did in producing a wheel, a cart, a buggy, a wagon, a car, an airplane and a space ship. Experimentation.

We need a new term to describe the process by which God created the world and all of the life there on. The words Evolution and Intelligent Design create antagonism. God is an experimenter, a designer, and a scientist, with intelligence who had an idea of producing a world and a creature to enjoy what he produced. All of the words we use to describe how we got here and where we are going cause confusion and misunderstanding and miss the truth entirely. Never forget that God is still at work trying to improve on his production. He may experiment until man will protect the environment in which he lives. Over the next million or so years he may eventually produce a man that does not rape, pillage and kill other men

God knew that he wanted something that could reproduce, think and protect what he had made after several hundred million years of experimentation. The world he made through the process of evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design and Experimentation resulted in where we live and what you and I are today.

Call the process anything you wish but don’t get in heated arguments whether it was one or the other. It was a combination of all methods and processes. The mind of man cannot fully understand God or how He produced this ball circling the sun on which we live. Even God has a problem in understanding where he came from.

The school should teach what we know and leave mysticism to those who believe that God was a magician that could pull a rabbit out of a hat without practice. It may take a magician several years to perfect his act. It took God millions if not billions of years of trial and error before he made man.

Frankly, God made a few blunders when he developed chiggers and mosquitoes as he experimented with what we have today. Even in some men and women he left out a lot of desirable characteristics.

God left a record of his successes and failures in the first museum, the soil and rocks of the earth. He must be totally disturbed that man tries to make him a sideshow magician instead of studying the evidence he preserved in the mantle of the earth.

Kenneth L. Russell

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