I heard God tonight. She spoke to me in soft whispers as her breath caressed the pines. She sang to me from the pools left by the rain as her chorus of frogs joyfully celebrated the coming arrival of Spring. She called to me from the distant shore as her waves crashed upon the sandy beach. She filled my soul with awe as her coyote choir filled the wilderness with their voices announcing the fullness of her moon.

Stop! Be still! Listen! Wonder! You too can hear God, for the voice of God is in all Creation.

The buzzing of the bee, the chirping of the cricket, the chattering of the titmouse, the murmuring of cormorants as they settle down for the night, are all reflections of the voice of God as manifested in Creation.

When you hear God, you will know that God is with you, and peace shall come upon you and prepare you for eternity.


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