Many people believe that Heaven has only one gate and only one narrow road leading up to it. In America, many, if not most Christians fervently believe that this one road leading to this one set of Pearly Gates is only open to Christians and all others are doomed to oblivion or even eternal damnation in the fires of hell.

Nothing could be more arrogantly removed from the truth. There are many roads to Heaven and HEAVEN’S GATES are opened to people of all faiths who honestly attempt to live honorable and ethical lives.

The very sad truth is that even among various sects of people who call themselves Christians, some believe that only the members of their particular brand of Christianity are worthy of entering HEAVEN’S GATES.

The Universal Ethician Church welcomes all who come in peace and love, and who show respect for God by attempting to live by the Golden Rule of the New Millennium, and who honor God by protecting and defending Creation from harm. 

God simply does not care who you are, what color you are, what language you speak or what church, synagogue, mosque, or temple you attend so long as you live in a way that would show your honor and respect for God’s many blessings by living a kind, gentle, peaceful, and honorable life to the best of your ability.

Yes, HEAVEN’S GATES, are many, and each of the roads leading to them are open to all who prove their love of God through their good works and ethical lives while residing as temporal tenants on Planet Eden.


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