‘INCEST IS BEST’ is one of those disgusting ‘Cracker Culture’ sayings from the ‘White Trash’ zone BENEATH THE BIBLE BELT here in E. Texas.

When I was about 14 (in the 1950’s) a pretty young child in my class in school in THE CITY OF DEATH (Huntsville, Texas) became pregnant. In those days we turned red with shame even hearing the word ‘pregnant’, yet no one seemed shocked by a little girl who was expelled from school so that she could give birth to a child of mysterious origins. When I asked who the father was I was told in a matter-of-fact way by some of her friends, that the pregnant child’s own father was the father of the child. 

We were told by another classmate and friend, “You know how the F…… family is. They’s nuthin but ‘river trash’. Why they’s always been that way.”

As horrible as that fact was over 40 years ago in rural E. Texas, it is nothing compared to the incest that is taking place in corporate America!!!

Check out the names of the Boards of Directors of the major corporations that control our country and I feel confident that you will find rampant incest that is having a negative impact on the lives of millions of human beings rather than just one little child and her baby of 40 years ago.

If my theory is incorrect and I am proven wrong, my family will donate $1,000 to the environmental or spiritual charity of our choice for each person documenting that there is no incest between any corporate boards in America, i.e. that the same person does not serve two conflicting masters. (Up to $1,000,000.00 in valuation)

It is my firm belief that investigation will reveal that there are persons who serve on the corporate boards of companies that contribute to cancer and also serve on the corporate boards of companies that are working on cancer cures. That’s incest!!!

There will be persons who serve on the corporate boards of companies that are despoiling the earth and also on the boards of environmental organizations. That’s incest!!!

Honest investigative reporting will reveal that INCEST IS BEST in the minds of those corporations that would sell their mother’s grave for an extra dollar on the bottom line of this quarter’s report to their shareholders.

SHAREHOLDERS OF AMERICA. Wake up and donate your stocks in incestuous, greedy, and evil corporations to The Universal Ethician Church. We will make sure of two things:

1. These corporations will be rebuked and told to repent.

2. The stock will be sold and the assets will be used to protect and preserve remnants of God’s dying Planet Eden.


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