JESUS CRIES a river of tears each and every day. He cries because He sees that millions of God’s children that call themselves Christians, are by their actions, something far removed from what Jesus represents.

JESUS CRIES when He remembers how He suffered and died on the Cross in order to help people establish a better world, but instead millions of those who claim to follow Him are in fact working toward the destruction of Planet Eden.

JESUS CRIES when He sees people who proclaim themselves to be Christians, plunder Creation in order to buy bigger jewels and fancier cars. He had preached about how the greedy rich will indeed find it hard to enter into His Kingdom, yet the churches are filled with the rich and greedy who blindly and arrogantly proclaim that they are ‘saved’.

JESUS CRIES when He sees people who call themselves ‘believers’, use their ‘belief’ as a free ride to Heaven and whose actions and ways of living are an abomination to Him as they lie, cheat, steal, abuse, kill, and violate every principle of good that Jesus stood for while on Earth.

JESUS CRIES when He sees self-proclaimed Christians, enjoy blood sports, commit hate crimes, abuse children and animals, clear-cut Eden’s beautiful forests, and act more hypocritically than even the Scribes and Pharisees of old.

Please help dry Jesus’ tears of anguish, shed for His people and their evil and corrupt ways. Please help establish the better world that Jesus envisioned and suffered on the Cross to help establish. Please turn Jesus’ tears of woe into tears of joy. Bring a smile to Jesus’ face by living a more simple life, by helping the poor and downtrodden, by refusing to participate in any destructive activity, and by protecting and defending all Creation from further harm.


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